Download Pirate Kings for iOS

Pirate Kings for iOS

Free download Pirate Kings for iPhone, iPad and start building yourself a solid island, fortified. Game Pirate Kings is currently extremely popular and should play on most Android phones, iOS. The journey to explore the ocean and the mysteries are hidden in the game Pirate Kings, participated in the war between the islands to become the Pirate King.

Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings for iOS allows players instead of just turning each compass lucky to collect items that they can visit their neighbors to steal gold. Gold is the most precious thing when it helps the gamers to quickly buy the decorations for the island such as the fortress, trees, statues mermaid … and upgrade them to more valuable and beautiful levels more. Owning an island is fully equipped determinant your level increases, the number of green stars after receiving based on the ornaments and each class level will determine whether you are at the level yet.

Download Pirate Kings for iOS for a chance to immerse yourself in the heated battles but not least, humor and the talent to compete against friends and other players in the search race Pirate King.

Features of the Pirate Kings iPhone

- Graphics 3D , enticing.

- Sound, images vivid and sharp.

- Connect to social networks and with their friends competing pirates.

- Play simple, attractive prizes.

- Play the game on an ongoing basis with the help of the rotation of luck.

pirate king

How to increase revs in Pirate Kings iPhone

- Invite friends to join the Pirate Kings: invite a friend to play Pirate Kings, we will have 20 turns lucky spin cycle.

- Creating more new Facebook account: make yourself more opportunities to revenge by establishing new Facebook account.

- Join Group Facebook gaming to have more friends: Join the community who are playing Pirate Kings the opportunity to shoot, to ourselves and to others. It also helps us to find more new friends who a hobby.

 Shield: can only be obtained from the result of spin. The result of this spin grants you a protection for your island from other Pirates (Including your friends). However, your money still can be stolen even though you have a shield. The maximum number of shields that a Pirate can save are 3. Therefore, after you have 3 shields saved, you can not have more. Excess shield will drop into the sea.

¬†Steal: can only be obtained from the result of spin as well. The result of this spin allows you to steal the money from the “Cash King”. The “Cash King” can not be chosen, it will be picked by the system. You will be given 3 islands as your choice, only one of them is the “Cash King”. the other two island will be some other Pirates. However, the money that one will get from choosing them will be lesser. It can be around half of what the “Cash King” has or even 1/3.