Pirate Kings preview and features

Pirate Kings for mobile and Ios is a multiplayer game, where you’re a mighty pirate with a quest to conquer the seven seas and become the king of the pirates. Pirate Kings, where you spin an addictive, dynamic wheel to win piles of gold, raid the islands of your Facebook friends and loot all their money, all in order to conquer, explore and build exotic, beautifully crafted islands.

Pirate Kings

Attack your friends’ islands, steal their gold and build your own island empire in the best new casual strategy game on mobile and tablet devices.

Pirate Kings is easy to learn and hard to put down–a combination of skill and chance where the mighty pirate, and his sidekick Inky, are on a quest for gold, artifacts and revenge. Pirate kings game is a competitive, fun, mingle player game, where you win mountains of gold, battle against the empires.

Your mission: you are a mighty pirate in combat, your quest is to conquer the Seven Seas, build amazing islands and become the Ultimate Pirate King. Connect to Facebook, enjoy the mingle-play experience with your friends and start having fun. Pirate Kings Game is 100% free to play, however you may find additional items which can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

pirate king

Features of Pirate Kings

- Set sail in a beautifully designed, 3D pirate world

- Compete against your Facebook friends in our MINGLE PLAYER experience

- Select from hundreds of unique items and upgrades on dozens of new islands

- Defend, revenge, and conquer

- Use your cannons to destroy islands

- Select your custom pirate avatar and empire flag

- Play at your pace — no clock.

- Defend your islands with protective shields

Download Pirate Kings APK

Pirate Kings apk is a funtastic cool game. You can connect to facebook to battle your closest friends in pirate kings apk. Pirate kings apk is very easy to learn and its really hard to put down. With a combination of skill and chance in pirate kings apk you will be invincible. Your mission in pirate kings apk is that, you are a mighty pirate with your sidekick inky on a quest for gold, artifacts and revenge.

Pirate kings apk fixed the security exploit, has blocked quick attacks. Pirate kings apk has fixed losing spins between game sessions, fully support for tablets.

Over 950,000 users are playing Pirate Kings every day. Gamers are doing everything they can to take control of the seven seas. By building your own personal island and working alongside other players, you can be sure that you won’t alone in your quest to become the greatest pirate of all time.

You can download Pirate Kings onto your Android and iOS devices today. Get in on one of the most popular app games of all time.